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For The People (Live Mix)

The third episode of the sequel to "Psycho Bitch" - "Live in Thailand" is out with the title "For The People". Brand new remixes and re-edits of previously released tracks all brought to you exclusively in this mix and put together NOT for the mainstream music industry but.. FOR THE PEOPLE!

01. Rocky - Machine Punk (Open Source bootleg)
02. Open Source - Hot Looking Babes (2017 edit)
03. Open Source - Psycho Meditation
04. Open Source - The Institute (censored edit)
05. Open Source - Trance Anthem
06. Open Source - Ego Killer (radio edit)
07. Open Source - Fairies Rain (radio edit)
08. The Prodigy - One Love (Open Source remix)
09. Open Source - Forced In The Heat Of Battle (2017 edit)
10. Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney - Say Say Say (Open Source remix)

Available for FREE download: Open Source | Ghost Label records

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